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internship and tags-list ponderings

I started my first internship this week!

Holy shit, I was nervous about this three-week internship and Sunday evening was a mess of me checking and re-checking my clothes/bag/books/pens and food to make sure I didn't forget anything. This three-week internship is one of two I'll have during my three years at the Swedish Language Consultancy Programme at Umeå University and we'll have another one next year for six weeks (!). 

It's me and another class-mate working for three one-person companies in an business incubator (wikipedia article, just FIY). Our job is to look at their web shops, evaluate the texts (terms and conditions, "about" and, well, any text really) and to talk to them about writing on the web. The best thing is that it's fun. So much fun. And I say that in a completely un-ironic way even though we've spent HOURS looking through terms and conditions-pages. This means that I made the right choice and this is what I'm going to for a living when I graduate. Hellz yeah. 

I'm not sure if I've told any of you what I study and what it entails; it's a bit difficult to explain since it basically only exists in Sweden (at the moment anyway). Um, here's a text explaining basically everything better than I can

In other news: I'll make some changes to my journal soon

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I want my Mark Strong love back. Nao.

I want to write all the fics I have planned, but then I don't want to write all the fics I have planned because: WRITE ALL OF THE FICS? ;____;

It seems I'm just having a hard time with the transition from "OMG MARK I LOVE ALL YOUR CHARACTERS AND JLSKDFKDF. FICS. I NEED TO WRITE AND READ ALL THE FICS." to "You are a very talented and pretty man. I'm going to leave it at that." . It's like when you describe people in love, right? First there's passion and then there's quiet domestic love.

I cannot deal. I don't really feel like writing fic and I haven't felt like reading anything Mark related in ... months? Jesus. In other news I have worked my way through Jack Davenport's, Robert Carlyle's and Mark Sheppard's filmographies. This was totally not what I planned to write about in this post, but whatever. Here you go, some assbutt graphics I made because the Tumblr crowd is bad company:


See, now, if you stalk me on Tumblr you've probably seen these already and I would've posted them here sooner if it wasn't for the vague sense of guilt I feel every time I even see a LJ notification in my inbox. 

EDIT: I almost forgot. This happened.

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Icons: Doctor Nicholas Rush

timewillrewind told me to watch Stargate Universe (SGU), so I did. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I liked it becasue Robert Carlyle was awesome as always or becasue it had other redeeming qualities. 

The whole "Look, I'll distract you with a planet" is from the very long, capslock-riddled conversation that followed the promt "watch SGU, Serpent".

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BoL Headcanon

I just had a small BoL related discussion with martiya_khvar and I suddenly remembered that I had an hilarious headcanon realisation just a week ago or so.

King Abdullah II of Jordan is Hani's BFF  (in the book at least). He's also a massive Trekkie. He did a cameo in Star Trek - Voyager and now he's building a fracking Star Trek theme park as a part of the $1.5-billion Red Sea Astrarium project in Aqaba.

So, headcanon is: There are Star Trek nights at the palace and, naturally, a good deal of teasing from Ed.